Case Studies

Banks Use Bank Assetpoint to Source SBA Loan Asset Opportunities

Two Banks Enhanced Their Loan Portfolios, While Another Expanded Its Loan Sale Channel

Banks Use Bank Assetpoint to Expand Their Loan Portfolios without Compromising Their Lending Criteria

Three banks faced limitations in each of their geographic markets and found it difficult to identify opportunities

Bank Assetpoint Helps Banks of All Sizes Manage Their Balance Sheets

One Bank Used Bank Assetpoint to Reduce Asset Concentration, While Another Used It to Deploy Excess Liquidity

Bank Assetpoint Streamlines the Process of Searching for and Marketing Loan Opportunities

Two Banks Supplement Organic Loan Growth with New Consumer Loan Opportunities

Bank Assetpoint Helps to Connect Buyers and Sellers of Bank Assets

Bank Assetpoint Helps Two Banks Connect, Resulting in an Efficient Loan Portfolio Sale

Bank Assetpoint Creates Opportunities to Meet CRA Requirements

A Community Bank in the South Develops an Ongoing Relationship with a Source for
Hard-to-Find Assets

Bank Assetpoint Helps Banks Reduce Asset Concentration

A Community Bank Deploys Excess Capital; a Nonbank Lender Finds a New Source of Funds